Eat pomegranate in winter to maintain physiology (healthy health)


Eat pomegranate in winter to maintain physiology (healthy health)

In the autumn, I went to the market, and the streets were full of fruit, which made people drool.

First saw the pomegranate listed, I quickly bought a few.

Happy to let the lover and the little daughter come to taste.

Looking at the sweetness they ate, I remembered the pomegranate tree in my hometown.

銆€銆€There was a pomegranate tree in my yard. Twenty years ago, my father asked me to dig a tree pit in the open space at the gate and planted a pomegranate tree. Later, I continued to loosen it, water it, and fertilize it.

The pomegranate tree grows from a dry branch and grows out of the branches until it leaves.

銆€銆€After two or three years, the pomegranate tree blossomed, and the orange-red pomegranate flower was full of trees. In the summer, my father and we laughed and laughed under the pomegranate tree.

In spring, the flowers bloom brightly; in autumn, the fruit is full.

The bitter green fruit gradually grows into a red and red pomegranate.

In the lunar calendar in August, these red pomegranates opened their mouths and revealed ruby fruits.

銆€銆€In the autumn, my wife and I took my little daughter back to the country to see my father.

The younger brother is also here.

Father said, pick pomegranate and eat it.

We took the scorpions, the baskets, the ones that climbed into the trees, the ones standing on the house, the ones riding on the wooden boards, and the ones reaching out under the trees, a laughter.

I opened a large pomegranate, and the pomegranate seed gemstone inside was generally crystal clear.

銆€銆€Bring the pomegranate back to the city and think about the possibilities of pomegranate.

Pomegranate, deciduous trees or shrubs; sweet, sour, warm, with insecticidal, astringent, intestinal, diarrhea and other effects.

Pomegranate fruit is rich in nutrients, vitamin C content is one or two times higher than apples and pears.

銆€銆€The history of cultivated pomegranate in China can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. According to Lu Gong, Zhang Wei was dating from the Western Region.

China has cultivation in the north and south, with planting areas in Jiangsu and Henan, and some high-quality varieties have been cultivated.

Chinese traditional culture regards pomegranate as a mascot and regards it as a symbol of many children.

“The genius, the strange tree in the world, the name of Jiuzhou”, “Hua Shi Li Li, taste is also different.

Shangqiu was tempted, and the collection of China was convergent.

Colorful and radiant, with a glimmer of immersion and a fragrant scent.

“This is a paragraph in the Jin Dynasty Yuanyue “Anpiao Fu”.

It is a wonderful way to write the pomegranate flower fruit’s living and ecological, color and flavor, and it is beautiful.

銆€銆€Pomegranate tastes sour, sweet, sputum, warm, kidney, large intestine.

Vitamin C and B are abundant, and are always rich in protein, traces and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

銆€銆€The fruit of the pomegranate, the peel, the roots and the flowers.

The medicinal fruit is mostly used for sour taste, and it has the power to stop bleeding.

The peel contains sulfide, alkaloids and ursolic acid, and has obvious astringent and bacteriostatic effects. It is a powerful remedy for dysentery.

The bark-containing pomegranate fruit contains organic acid saponin, which is an anti-insect drug for the treatment of kidney stones, diabetes, and chyluria.

The flower can stop bleeding and redness under the belt, and it can also wash the eyes with water and have eyesight effect.

In addition, garnet oil also has an estrogen-like effect.

銆€銆€Pomegranate benefits and prevention of complications caused by arteriosclerosis, pomegranate juice is better than red wine, usually the body’s oxides are oxidized, deposition can lead to arteriosclerosis leading to heart disease, Avilam’s research confirmed that if taken daily2-3 鐩?pomegranate juice, the two-week solid cocoa oxidation process is reduced by 40%, reducing the reduction of deposited oxide oxides, even if it is stopped, this magical effect can last for one month.

銆€銆€Pomegranate Benefits Two Pomegranates contain high levels of antioxidants that delay aging and prevent atherosclerosis and slow the progression of cancer. Pomegranate and pomegranate juice have great benefits for the human body.

Researchers say that arteriosclerosis, aging and cancer are a long-term, slow development process.

If you can continue to insist on using pomegranate or pomegranate juice from the age of 20 or even earlier, it will be beneficial to your health and longevity.銆€銆€Pomegranate benefits Three pomegranate fresh food, sweet and sour, processed into a drink, also cool and delicious.

Jin people Pan Yue praised the pomegranate in “Anpiao Fu”, “the thirst of the throne, the solution to the drunk.”

Historical medical books have also been over-documented for its medical use and are still used for medicinal purposes.

The folk uses one of the sour pomegranates, and even the children chew on the throat, treating the appetite and indigestion.

銆€銆€To cure mouth sores and mouth ulcers, the acid pomegranate is broken, soaked in boiling water and filtered to cool, and contains sputum several times a day.

For bad breath and sore throat, it should also be applied.