[Let you restore your combat power immediately after sex!

[Let you restore your “combat power” immediately after sex!

Sexual love is one of the most basic characteristics of human beings, and it is also the only way for human beings to reproduce.

Sexual life consumes a large part of the human body’s energy and elements, and the correct diet method can quickly restore your “combat power”. Let’s take a look at how to eat properly after sex.

During sex, one’s breathing, heartbeat speeds up, and blood circulation speeds up.

Not only is the physical energy consumption large, but also the water is lost through breathing and sweat secretion.

Therefore, after sex, you can drink some drinks to replenish moisture.

However, the sex life button should not immediately accept cold drinks. During the sexual life, the transplanted blood vessels are in a dilated state. Before the mucosal congestion in the body is not restored, replace the cold drinks to replace the mucous membranes in the body, which will suddenly suffer from cold and cause some damage.If you feel extremely thirsty, you can drink a little warm water.

If sexual life is carried out in the early morning, it is best to drink a beverage with a high sugar content, and the brake can quickly burn for energy supply. Pure fruit drinks are most suitable.

If you drink milk at night after sex, it is most suitable, because milk has a calming effect, which can help you have a good sleep after a tired sex life.