Good medical treatment in stubborn chronic pharyngitis

Good medical treatment in stubborn chronic pharyngitis

Chronic pharyngitis refers to a diffuse respiratory disease caused by chronic infection. It often occurs in adults and is often accompanied by other upper respiratory diseases. It is often caused by repeated episodes of acute respiratory inflammation, rhinitis, pus from sinusitis, or nasal congestion.Breathing with your mouth open will inevitably lead to the occurrence of chronic pharyngitis.

  Chronic pharyngitis is chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa.

The main clinical manifestations are pharynx discomfort, dryness, foreign body sensation or mild pain, dry cough, nausea, dark red congestion in the pharynx, and lymphatic follicles in the posterior pharynx.

Patients with chronic pharyngitis often have a throat-clearing action and spit white sputum because of increased secretions in the throat.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treatment 1, syndrome differentiation method 1, lung and kidney yin deficiency treatment method: nourishing yin and lowering fire, moistening dryness and swallowing.

  Recipe: ① Those with partial lung yin deficiency can use Yangyin Qingfei Decoction to add or subtract.

30 g of habitat, 15 g of Ophiopogon, 15 g of Radix Ginseng, 15 g of Radix Paeoniae, 12 g of Danpi, 10 g of Chuanbei, 6 g of mint, and 6 g of licorice.

  ② Those with partial kidney yin deficiency can use Zhibai Dihuang Decoction to add or subtract.

10g of Zhimu, 10g of Cork, 30g of cooked land, 15g of yam, 15g of yam meat, 12g of Poria, 12g of Danshen, 10g of Alisma.

  2, spleen and kidney yang deficiency treatment method: warm spleen and kidney, ignite the fire.

  Recipe: Shenqi Pills.

30g of cooked land, 30g of yam, 15g of yam meat, 12g of Poria, 10g of paeonia, 10g of diarrhea, 6g of cooked flakes, 6g of cinnamon.

  3, phlegm, fire and stagnation method: nourishing yin and swallowing phlegm, dissolving phlegm and dissolving sputum.

  Recipe: Fritillaria melonii powder addition and subtraction.

15g of Chuanbei, 15g of melon peel, 15g of pollen, 15g of Poria, 10g of orange red, 10g of Chinese bellflower.

Second, other treatments (1), Chinese medicine ultrasonic atomization 1, silver flower 9g, scutellaria baicalensis 10g, wild chrysanthemum 9g, 4 navy green fruit, elephant shell 10g, bellflower 6g, Qianhu 9g, ginger pinellia 15g, Xuanshen 15, pollen 15g9g of mint.

Take 100ml of thick-fried juice, inhale 20ml each time and inhale for 10 minutes, twice a day, 10 days as a course of treatment.

  2, Pinellia 10g?
12g, Magnolia 10g?
12g, Poria 15g?
30g, Bupleurum 6g?
12g, tangerine peel 10g?
15g, silver flower 20g?
30g, 10g forsythia?
12g, Chuanbei 10g?
15g, 10g shell

Decoction concentrate to take 40ml juice, atomize and absorb, once a day, 10 days as a course of treatment.

  3, Pinellia ternata, Magnolia officinalis, Radix Ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Habitat, Silver Flower, Scutellaria baicalensis, Coriander, Turmeric, Mint, Zhebei, Amaranth, Acacia, Acacia, Salvia, Licorice, Decoction, Juice15ml ultrasonic atomization each time, once a day, 10 days as a course of treatment.

  (B), Chinese medicine submucosal posterior pharynx injection 1, compound Danshen: take 2ml of compound Danshen injection, use 5?
No. 6 injection needles were respectively injected into the submucosa of the posterior pharyngeal space, and the depth was injectable as medicine. Each side was injected with 1ml, 3 times a week, 2 weeks as a course of treatment, and rest for 5 days during the course of treatment.

  2. Banlangen: Take 4ml of Banlangen injection and inject it into the submucosa of the posterior pharyngeal space with a 5 gauge needle, inject 1ml on the upper and lower points of each side, 3 times a week, 2 weeks as a course of treatment.

  3, Xiaozhiling: Cancel hemorrhoid 1ml plus 1% procaine 1ml, submucosal injection of posterior larynx 2?
4 points, once a week, 4?
5 times for a course of treatment.

Particularly suitable for those with follicular hyperplasia of the posterior pharyngeal wall.

  (Three), spray the back wall of the Chinese medicine larynx to take 50% cork decoction 2ml supernatant, pump into a 5ml syringe, the temperature of the drug solution is maintained at 28 ℃?
Directly spray the entire throat and posterior pharyngeal wall with a long 5 gauge needle at 32 ° C, 1?2 times, 5?
6 days is a course of treatment.

  (4) For those who have a follicular hyperplasia barrier in the posterior wall of the larynx, the diameter is 0.

A small soldering iron of about 5cm is red on an alcohol lamp, dipped in sesame oil and quickly soldered to the follicles.
3 times, every 3?
Burn once every 4 days until it is calm.