Slim ten principles

Slim ten principles

Egyptian nutritionists have concluded that more and more people are losing weight, and more and more people are getting more and more fat. These people are surrounded by puzzles. Why?

Dr. Nufour, professor of nutrition at the University of Edzhar in Egypt, pointed out that this is a dieter who has gone astray.

He pointed out that the basic point of weight loss is to reduce 1/3 calories per meal while maintaining the protein, vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

  He summed up the ten principles of keeping fit and slim. The main reason for eating too much fat is the genetic factors. Nutritional structural scientists believe that some people’s internal structures are full of vitality and can be used in the body.Any food is directly converted into energy, not stacked in the body in the form of an adult.

Fat thin people consume the same amount of energy when they sleep at night, but when they are awake during the day, fat people generally have less activity than thin people.

Fat people are not caused by too much fat, or because they have slow internal structure of their bodies, there are still some psychological obstacles, such as some worrying scars and low mood, which will lead to slow internal structure of the body.

  It is wrong to say how much you can eat. Some people think that if you master the heat and other substances contained in one of the foods, and draw a table, use chemical analysis to show how much energy the body can absorb from the food and othersubstance.
Such a simple guess is not correct.

Nutritional structure shows how much the body can absorb without eating.

姨 can absorb 90%; protein can absorb 92%-95%.

  Unbelievable chart analysis and determination of how many calories contained in certain foods are unlikely to be 100% accurate.

Charts can only tell you an average, and it is impossible to accurately display the ingredients in certain foods.

The overall interior of the food, the nutrients contained outside the leaves of the cabbage greatly change the nutrients inside the leaves.

Therefore, it is impossible to accurately say that someone has eaten cabbage and how much nutrients they consume without considering the quality of the cabbage, inside and outside the leaves.

  Not picky eaters, not partial eclipse, all foods contain varying amounts of energy, protein, organic matter, vitamins and mineral salts.

Each food is in its own right, providing the body with the necessary nutrients and the required amount.

Nutritional structure is considered from the perspective of human health, and requires someone not to eclipse when staying.