Using a moderate scale to hit new funds to share the feast of science and technology board issuance

Using a moderate scale to hit new funds to share the feast of science and technology board issuance

Source: China Fund News Original title: A modest scale of new funds to share the feast of science and technology board launch recently staged a new feast of science and technology board, the first batch of 25 companies concentrated online purchases, investor enthusiasm.

Ordinary investors also generally have doubts, whether to participate directly in new innovation or through wealth management products?

Many analysts believe that it is best for ordinary investors to participate through public funds. The stable varieties of the “new + fixed income” model are worth paying attention to, but also pay attention to risks.

  For individual investors, there are two main ways to participate in the innovation of the science and technology board. One is to indirectly participate in products such as funds and bank wealth management; the other is to participate directly, but it needs to meet two major conditions:The average daily asset of the account for 20 trading days is not less than 500,000 yuan, and the securities trading experience is more than twice a year.

Too many financial experts believe that participation through funds is more suitable for ordinary investors.

  ”For ordinary investors, it is best to participate in the creation of new funds through public funds, because the distribution of new shares in the science and technology board is more likely to become a public fund.

“Fund analyst Zeng Linghua said.

  Fortune expert Zhang Ting said that for customers with inconsistent amounts of funds, about 30 million or more, can cooperate with private equity funds to build products and participate in offline development, and the returns should be considerable; and for investors with reduced fundsIn terms of direct participation in online new signings, the chances are high, but competition can be tried; in addition, you can indirectly enjoy new gains by participating in public fund investment, but do not have too high expectations of new gains.In general, when the size of the fund is reached, the new income will be lower, and it is not appropriate to choose an oversized fund.

  Yao Hui, an analyst at Shanghai Securities Fund Research Center, also said that subject to the requirements of individual investors in science and technology board stocks, ordinary investors can get a new cup of science and technology board by playing a new fund.

  It is more appropriate to use public offerings to increase the size of new funds by 300 to 500 million, because when participating in the new creation under the science and technology board network, public funds as a type A account have advantages.

According to calculations, including the type A account within the fund, the new signing rate is about 5 times that of the type C account.

Therefore, it is an important choice for ordinary investors to participate in the development of new funds through public funds. Instead, if the fund is over-expanded, the new income will be diluted, so try to choose 3?
500 million fund.

  It is reported that the funds on the market that are relatively small in scale and can participate in the innovation of science and technology board are being sought after.

“60 million stock bottom positions + fixed income + science and technology board innovation” has become the mainstream strategy for too many new funds. Often, such products have more than 50 major stocks of the major blue chip stocks with more than 50 stocks.Dividend strategy, while fixed income focuses on allocation of short-term bonds such as AA + and above.

  According to a veteran, when choosing a category of products, the first investor can examine the frequency and intensity of new participation based on past conditions, and focus on products of fund managers of certain frequencies.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the allocation frequency shows the ability of the fund company to quote.

It is best to choose a company that has a strong investment ability in IPOs.

  Second, it is best to choose the type with the largest position, especially the flexible configuration fund that can have the lowest position to zero.

Some stock funds have a minimum limit on stock positions. Once they encounter shocks, they can even get new income, and they will soon be eroded by market fluctuations.

  Third, it is best to choose products of the right size, and it is best to choose funds that will control the size by suspending large purchases.

The scale is too large, it is easy to replace new revenue.

And the cost of participating in and out of funds is still relatively large.

Note that the fund has short-term punitive redemption fees. Do not repeat redemption.

  Zeng Linghua said that democracy has done calculations, and it is best to choose fund products with a scale of about 300 to 500 million, and investors can find the target according to this specification.