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Avoid early love and enrich your child’s social content

A survey of senior high school students about “early love” in a key middle school in Beijing shows that 70% of the students believe that there is no “right” or “wrong” in “early love” behavior, as long as the mastery of moderation does not affect learning, there should be no absoluteProhibition and support.

This teacher, some teachers expressed their helplessness: “We don’t know how to educate.

It ‘s useless to talk about it, but it ‘s too deep to be afraid of something wrong. ”

  A headmaster of a middle school in Beijing believes that middle school students in adolescence have an admiration for the opposite sex and pay attention to the opposite sex. This is a normal physiological reflection, so don’t be surprised.

But if this emotion is put into practical action, specifically pursuing a goal, and experiencing the suffering and joy in it, this is “early love”.

  According to the survey, the “early love” of middle school students is generally divided into three types according to its development process: First, simply adore the opposite sex.

This feeling may happen to the students who are in close contact with it, or it may happen to the youth idols generally recognized by middle school students.

Second, unrequited love for the opposite sex.

From the occurrence to the end, this kind of emotion only stays in the person’s heart, they are secretly in love with each other in the heart, and will not actively pour out their feelings to the other person.

The third is the love of “unveiling”.

They imitate the way adults fall in love and interact extremely.

But at the same time avoid the parents, the “ear and eyes” of the teacher, usually “underground” or “semi-underground” scene.

The relationship between the two is known only to very “iron” friends.

  How should we care for “early love” children and let them grow up healthy?

The general view of teachers is that the direct reason for the “early love” of a considerable number of students is the narrowing of the social scope. If faced with the rich social content of students, expand their social team, rather than being alone with someone’s opposite partner, soMany sour “green apples” can be avoided prematurely.

For the “early love” phenomenon on campus, we must adopt a “sparse” approach.

By making friends with students, let these middle school students correctly handle the relationship between classmates and lovers, directly the main task of middle school, so as to focus on learning cultural knowledge.