How to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in middle-aged and elderly people


How to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in middle-aged and elderly people

What is the problem with early senile dementia?

銆€銆€Primary senile dementia includes early senile dementia (Alzheimer’s dementia) and senile dementia.

銆€銆€The course of Alzheimer’s disease is long, with an early or mild phase of change of 9 years, a medium or medium phase of 5 years, and a severe phase of 6 years.

This disease is often slow onset and has no obvious onset.

Early symptoms are diverse, with recent memory impairment being the most common manifestation.

As the disease progresses, the past will be forgotten. In serious cases, complete forgetting will be forgotten.

Symptoms of insanity, patients with Alzheimer’s disease are narrow-minded, prone to anger, and sleep order is reversed.

When the disease progresses further, the computing power decreases, and there are cognitive impairments, such as wearing pants as a dress on the neck.

At this stage, language barriers can also occur, hindering the orientation of time, place and characters, not recognizing the home, and moving around.

Dementia is about to have neurological dysfunction, such as the mouth, the face can not move autonomously, the neurological examination shows pathological signs or hyperreflexia.

Late patients are in bed, life can not take care of themselves, relying on others to take care of, the general course of disease is maintained at 5?
He died in 10 years.

This disease can cause long-term serious burdens and suffering for patients, families and society.

銆€銆€Is the incidence of early-onset dementia different in men and women?

銆€銆€The prevalence of women with Alzheimer’s disease is higher than that of men, which is about 1% of males.

5-3 times.

The study found that apolipoprotein APOE4 can promote the development of Alzheimer’s disease, and more women with APOE4 allele translocation than men; beta amyloid deposition is more women than men; estrogen reduction in menopausal or elderly women can promoteThe increase of APOE4 is the change of neurotransmitter secretion in the limbic system of the hypothalamus, the activity of 尾-endorphin and dopamine is decreased, the activity of norepinephrine is enhanced, and the secretion of serotonin is decreased. These changes may cause neurological symptoms and memory loss.Lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, the above factors determine that there are more female patients with Alzheimer’s disease than male patients.

It has also been found that Alzheimer’s disease has a certain hereditary nature.

銆€銆€How to prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

銆€銆€Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease should be paid attention to from middle age, and the following points should be noted.


Cultivate good psychological quality, establish a good world view, seek truth from facts, scientifically analyze everything that happens around you, and calmly and properly take measures to avoid the occurrence of psychological deviations such as extremes and stubbornness, and ensure a moderate psychological response.

Participate in the work and study that you can do, long-term psychological satisfaction, and prevent loneliness.

Cultivate hobbies, enhance the taste of life, adjust the spiritual life, improve the state of mind, have a regular life, and make the psychological activities and life full of rhythm, which is conducive to the cultivation of healthy psychology.


Avoid excessive stimulation of mental stimuli such as anger, grief and so on are very harmful to the function of the brain, so you should face life with a broad heart, adjust your emotions, make your mood happy and stable, coordinate your mind, and treat the environment properly.

Arrange a reasonable diet to properly limit dietary supplements, and maintain a balanced diet and consumption transition every day. The diet should be adequately nutritious and the weight should not be too heavy.

The low-feed diet is based on vegetable oil. The feed intake exceeds 25% of the total energy. Try to consume high-quality protein such as eggs, fish or lean meat.

Eat less starch, smoked food, and smoke alcohol.


Adhere to the right amount of physical exercise and choose the right amount of physical exercise program, persevere, so that the body can exercise, enhance physical strength and resistance.


Actively prevent the occurrence of cerebral arteriosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis, prevent brain trauma, ensure redundant sleep, prevent excessive fatigue, and avoid diseases such as insufficient blood supply to the brain or cerebral circulation disorders.

In addition, it is also important to prevent damage to brain function such as poisoning and hypoxia of foods and drugs.