Is getting angry in autumn

“Is getting angry” in autumn

上火后别盲目泻火  要想缓解上火症状,建议大家还要多注意补充水分,可多喝水、粥、豆浆,多吃萝卜、莲藕、荸荠、梨、蜂蜜、百合、银耳等润肺Shengjin food.
At the same time, remind families to eat as little as possible in the autumn or not to eat hot, hot peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, pepper and other hot products, eat less fried, fatty foods.
It is easy to get angry in autumn because of dry air and low humidity.
The air is dry and low in humidity, and most people will reduce the replenishment due to the decrease in temperature. However, the water distribution on the human body surface is relatively fast. Drying the mouth, dry tongue, sore throat, chapped skin, constipation, hemorrhoids will occur over time等‘上火’症状。However, after the onset of symptoms of fire, do not take the laxative powder without a teacher, because some people with cold spleen and stomach will inhale the stomach after eating the laxative powder.
If you really need to take medicine, you must follow your doctor’s advice.
”  山药糯米粥  配料:山药、荸荠、大枣、糯米  做法:1、山药去皮洗干净切成片备用;鲜荸荠冲洗干净削去外皮,切成丁;糯米淘洗干净,用冷水浸泡半小时, Remove the drained water; wash the jujube clean and set aside.
2. Put the pot into cold water, add the above ingredients and boil over high heat, then simmer over low heat for about 1 hour and drink.
When drinking, you can add some sugar to flavor, but not too much.
  Applicable people: This medicated diet is more suitable for those who have dry cough and constipation due to autumn dryness.
But when diabetics eat, remember to deduct these calories from your day’s diet.
  Loofah meat soup soup ingredients: 50 grams of lean meat slices, 25 grams of fresh loofah, salt, MSG, clear soup a little
Wash the lean meat and cut into thin slices, peel the loofah and cut into slices for later use; 2.
Wash the wok, add a little clear soup, boil it, add lean slices of meat, wait for it to boil off the floating foam, and add loofah, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. for a short while before drinking.
  Applicable people: This medicated diet is more suitable for patients with symptoms such as upset, irritability, and dry cough caused by autumn dryness.
  Ingredients for stewed asparagus in lily: 100 grams of lily, 50 grams of fresh asparagus. Method: 1.
Lily swelled into petals, peeled off the inner membrane, soaked in brine and washed with water for later use, washed asparagus and cut into sections for later use; 2.
Wash the wok clean, add the right amount of water and lily to cook until the seven is mature, add the asparagus cut into sections, and cook after drinking.
Just once a day.
  Applicable people: This medicated diet is more suitable for those who have nosebleeds, dry mouth and even irritability because of autumn dryness.
  玉米红薯粥  配料:玉米面50克,红薯500克,金丝枣20枚  做法:将红薯洗净,去皮切成小块和红枣一起入锅,煮至红薯七八成熟时,把玉米面中加入一点Cool water to make a paste, pour into a pot and cook over low heat.
Boil on low heat for ten minutes.
We must remind everyone to keep stirring in the middle so as not to get confused.
  Applicable people: This porridge is very suitable for people who have constipation because of Qiuzao.
This is because sweet potatoes contain more vitamins, which are beneficial to qi and vitality, broaden the stomach and relieve constipation, while corn contains more plant cellulose, which also has the effect of intestinal laxative.