[How to fry sesame seeds]_Fry method_Fry method

[How to fry sesame seeds]_Fry method_Fry method

Before using sesame as an ingredient, a large number of families need to fry sesame before they can use the ingredient, because the fresh flavor of such sesame will be more intense.

And eating more sesame is also good for the human body, because sesame has a lot of medical practices to prove that the beauty, nourishing, nourishing, and activating blood effects caused by the body are obvious.

However, people who have fried sesame seeds will find that they do not know the correct method. The fried sesame seeds are very easy to paste, so what is the method to keep the sesame seeds from frying?

First pick out the large impurities from the raw sesame you bought; wash and stir the sesame in a water basin and use a net spoon smaller than the size of the sesame (remember not to pick it up from the bottom of the basin to prevent sand from getting mixed in).In some cases, pour less water, then shake the pot with a net spoon and then pour out the remaining sesame seeds. Finally, pour out the remaining small grains of sand. Wash as many times as possible until the sesame seeds are cleaned.Stir-fry the wok over medium heat. When the water is dry with sesame seeds, use a low heat until the shovel becomes lighter. At the same time, you can hear the crackling sound of sesame.

Fried sesame seeds, add a little salt, chew.

Note: the setting of firepower, the firepower should not be large, 400 watts of firepower is the best.

Put the washed and dried sesame seeds into the pan.

Then keep stir frying, through the temperature rise in the pot, you want to hear a subtle popping sound.

-How to identify the sesame has been fried, the key is to see the next step.

The key is to understand how to recognize that sesame has been fried.

Feel the temperature with your hands-At first, you can’t feel the temperature when you place your hand at a distance of 20cm from sesame.

When you continue to stir fry, when you put your hand on the pot, you have the feeling of fire roasting, and some can’t stand it.

At this time, sesame will burst.

At this time, the sesame seeds are fried; you can also use the face to test the temperature, the face is thinner than the skin of the hands, you can accurately determine the temperature; frying sesame seeds, about 10 minutes, do not worry.

Slowly stir-fry, most people are anxious not to hear the sesame popping sound, just add firepower, it is easy to stir-fry the sesame.