The first public artificial intelligence fund officially debuted

The first public artificial intelligence fund officially debuted

Source: Shanghai Securities News Original title: The first artificial intelligence public offering fund in the region officially appeared in the Shanghai Securities News (Reporter Jin Pingping) On August 26, the Zhejiang Merchants Intelligent Industry 上海夜网论坛 Preferred Mixed Funds managed by Zhejiang Merchants Fund officially started to raise fundsThis is the first public fund product in China that uses artificial intelligence technology for investment management.

  Zheshang’s intelligent industry selects mixed funds as the proposed fund manager. Dr. Xiaolei Zha, general manager of Zheshang’s intelligent investment department, told reporters that AI has been widely used in the financial field. Specifically, it can be divided into smart finance, smart financial management andIntelligent asset management, and intelligent asset management can further divide intelligent tools, intelligent transactions and intelligent investment.

Zheshang Fund focuses on smart investment, focuses on real-world investment logic, and is committed to building an intelligent investment portfolio.

Since 上海夜网论坛 intelligent investment is the most complex to implement, it requires a combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence.

The preferred hybrid fund of Zheshang Intelligent Industry is the man-machine intelligent investment product focused on by Zheshang Fund.

  Xiang Wei, another proposed fund manager, graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s artificial intelligence laboratory with a Ph.D. and studied under Professor Yang Qiang, a leader in the field of Chinese artificial intelligence. He has 15 years of AI research and actual combat experience, and is currently a fundamentally quantitative fundamental research.And smart investment promoters.

Xiang Wei said that the fund’s actual strategy greatly exceeds the scope that the human brain can cover in terms of types and coverage. At the same time, each sub-strategy itself, between the sub-strategies, is based on the expected return and the expected refined quantitative model.The range of operational fineness exceeds the granularity of normal human brain’s identification of risks and benefits.

  It is understood that, with the scale of traditional quantified funds, expanding the fund while realizing the risk dispersion of assets and time axis dimensions has improved the research depth of alternative strategies, operational freedom and risk control operability; alternatives mutually establish PK and win by establishing sub-strategiesThe disadvantaged elimination mechanism provides evolutionary capabilities for the overall strategy group.

  Therefore, the Zhejiang Investment Fund’s AI investment method is a cross-domain investment technology between active mutual investment and quantitative investment.

That is, the artificial intelligence method is used to determine the signal data and determine the optimal model for the learning goal. The models are independent of each other and can be imaged as investment “little robots”.

  Initially, Zheshang Fund vigorously promoted the construction of an intelligent investment system and deeply integrated active investment and artificial intelligence.

Nie Tingjin, the general manager of Zheshang Fund, once said that using AI technology can realize data signalization, signal strategy, strategy modelling and model dataization in the investment field to promote the solution of the real pain points of strategy inheritance in the asset management industry.