[Benefits of raising legs high]_Action_Inevitable

[Benefits of raising legs high]_Action_Inevitable

Raising your legs high is a tiring process in all sports and exercises.

Many people find it difficult to maintain a high leg lift for one minute. In fact, the high leg lift exercise can effectively exercise every part of the body. During the leg lift, the thigh muscles of the legs are pulled and the processCalf muscles are also working hard.

And the high leg movement can also exercise the abdominal and body muscles.

Let ‘s take a look at the specific benefits of raising your legs high.

Raising your legs high can exercise your thigh muscles and help with explosive power.

Track and field and court players often use this action.

Raising your legs high is not to see how many you practice, other effects.

The real effect is your last few, the last few exhausted, the biggest muscle stimulation.

Run with high legs, generally you need to do more than 3 groups per training, the distance is 30?
About 50 meters.

In-situ high leg lifting exercises are generally done in more than 5 groups, each group more than 50 times.

The purpose of in-situ high leg training is to strengthen the sprinter’s ability to raise legs and exercise stride frequency, which also has a good effect on increasing the stride.

The technical essentials of sprinting are large stride and high stride frequency. If the ability to raise legs is insufficient, it is difficult to meet the technical requirements and it is difficult to run well.

Do five sets of high leg raises per day for 100 exercises per month. The frequency of your steps will increase significantly when you run, the distance between steps will increase, and you will run faster than before.

High leg lift training can improve breathing and cardiopulmonary function, increase vital capacity, improve cardiovascular function; high leg lift training can enhance leg strength, improve the flexibility of shoulders and knees, and exercise the whole body.


Promote liver and kidney detoxification When you lift your feet, your waist will be stressed, and your body will have a strong acidic reaction. In order to eliminate the instant increase of toxins, the human pituitary gland will secrete hormones, stimulate potential and strengthen detoxification.

Ascension and turbidity reduction, positive air doubling can lead to turbid gas downlink at high elevation, ascension and turbidity reduction, positive air doubling, and healthy cells in the body increase greatly.


Opening the second pulse of Rendu, Qi and blood flow When the leg is lifted, the shrine (belly umbilical) and the life gate have the same luck, which stimulates Rendu’s Qi and blood to flow freely, the pores expand, and the slenderness increases skin respiration and metabolism.


Protects the heart and stabilizes the blood pressure. When the feet are lifted, Dantian breathes, and the burden on the lungs is reduced. This solves the heart and chest depression, and helps the heart restore normal functions, thereby stabilizing blood pressure.