[How to roast whole lamb]_How to roast_How to cook

[How to roast whole lamb]_How to roast_How to cook

Roasted whole lamb is a very famous food in the north. Many people especially like to eat this kind of delicious food, and this is a must when traveling to the north, or when the weather is cold.

If you think this kind of food is particularly delicious, you may wish to learn how to make it. You can make it yourself at home if you want to eat it.

So how to roast whole lamb is better?

Production process 1.

Kill the sheep and use 80?
The boiled water at 90 ° C burns the whole body, cleans the hair while it is hot, removes the internal organs, scrapes them clean, and then cuts a few small openings with a knife in the abdominal cavity and hind legs of the sheep.


Put the shallot segments, ginger slices, peppercorns, aniseed, cumin powder in the belly of the lamb, and rub with the fine salt to taste. The knife where the leg of the lamb is put, use the seasoning and salt to taste.


Pin the sheep’s tail into the abdomen with an iron sign, dark-colored upwards, hook the skin with iron hooks on the limbs, brush with soy sauce, the sugar color is slightly cool, and then brush with sesame oil.


Put the whole lamb’s belly upwards and heat it in advance. Cover the stove with an iron pan tightly and seal it with yellow mud. Prepare an iron box under the stove to hold the sheep’s fat replaced during baking.About 3?
4 hours, when the sheepskin is roasted until yellow-red and crispy, take the tender meat.


When eating, lay the whole lamb in a special wooden plate, tie the red satin cloth to the horns, lift it to the dining room for guests to enjoy, the chef will peel the lambskin and cut into strips, then cut the lamb into piecesThick slices, chopped lamb bones into large pieces and served on a plate, served with shallots, mashed garlic, noodle sauce, lotus leaf cake, and served with Mongolian knife.

The key requirements for making key roasted whole lambs are strict and must be replaced with 1?
The 2-year-old Inner Mongolian white big-headed lamb is slaughtered, scalded, pilled, pickled, and seasoned before being hung into the oven. The sealed mouth is roasted and matured on a slow fire.Fat but not greasy, crisp and delicious, unique flavor.

Matters needing attention Roasted whole lambs are best used instead of fruit or larch sawdust as raw materials. Technically, the sawdust is machined at high temperature and high pressure, and then sent to a charring furnace for charcoal forming.

There is no need to add anything in the entire production process, which is an environmentally friendly product specification.

There are two types of charcoal sold in the market: hexagonal center hole and square center hole.

Basic charcoal is used as traditional charcoal (traditional charcoal: fired from trees).