Infant constipation, food therapy is ideal

Infant constipation, food therapy is ideal

The occurrence of anal fissures causes infants to have a fear of stool, causing a vicious cycle. Over time, it can cause symptoms such as abdominal distension, loss of appetite, and restless sleep.

Therefore, the baby’s constipation should be relieved in time.

Because the infant’s renal tract neuromodulation is not sound, and the recombination function is not fully developed, if the drug is used to defecate, it may easily cause internal dysfunction and diarrhea.

Therefore, food therapy is ideal for infant constipation.

  First, food therapy: For infants with constipation, we must first find the cause. If it is breast milk replacement, constipation caused by insufficient breast milk, often without weight gain, crying after eating.

For this kind of constipation, as long as the amount of milk is increased, the symptoms of constipation will be relieved immediately.

Milk-fed infants are more prone to constipation, which is mostly due to the excessive casein content in milk, which makes the stool dry and hard.

This situation can reduce the amount of milk and increase the amount of sugar, that is, the sugar content of milk is changed from the original 5?
8% increased to 10?
12%, and increase the juice appropriately.

Dissatisfied with 3?
Babies up to 4 months can add some custard to the milk.

Because the carbohydrates in the milk cake are partially fermented in the interior, they can stimulate bowel movements and cause laxation.

  For 4?
For infants over 5 months, supplementary foods can be added appropriately. It is best to chop spinach, cabbage, greens, amaranth, etc., put them in rice porridge and cook them together, and add a variety of delicious vegetable porridge to the baby.

A lot of cellulose and other food residues contained in vegetables can promote bowel movements and achieve laxative purposes.

  In addition, complementary foods contain a large amount of B vitamins, which can promote the recovery of intestinal muscle tension and are very helpful for laxative.

Infants with constipation and above dietary adjustment effects are still not good, you can drink honey water for your baby, that is, often take honey water or add honey to milk to supplement, the effect is better.

You can also eat plantains, which can play a role in laxative and laxative in a short time.

In addition, coral sesame oil is also a good laxative product. It can be consumed during constipation, 5 times each time.
With 10 ml, the laxative effect is remarkable.

Soy oil can also be used as an alternative, but it must be boiled and cooled before consumption.

5 each time?
10 ml is enough.

  Second, training bowel habits: infants from 3?
You can train regular bowel movements from 4 months.

Because the bowel movements speed up after eating, and often have a bowel movement, it is generally appropriate to choose to allow children to defecate after eating, to establish a conditioned reflex of stool, which can be more effective.

  Third, the drug treatment: infants with constipation through the above methods still do not work, you can use Kaisailulu laxative.

Kaiserol mainly contains glycerin and sorbitol, which can stimulate bowel laxative effect.

When using it, please note that after the injection of Kaiseluo into the anus, the parents should insert the tibial forceps with their hands to keep the Kaiseluo liquid in the intestine for a while, and then let the child defecate.Pediatric anus, also has a laxative effect.